Hashim Desai

Toronto, Ontario | [email protected]

Hashim has a passion for sports, and is still wondering how Disney's ESPN division could possibly be in decline. He is an engineer by trade, and works full time as a game developer only checking the stock market once every 3 minutes each day. From time to time Hashim enjoys reliving the classic cartoons he used to love as a kid. The 1994 Spiderman series is still intriguing and inspiring to him (another Disney subsidiary). Hashim loves technical challenges and to solve problems. Looking at a company's balance sheet for him is fascinating, as numbers are his first language. In 2009, Hashim rode Frontline stock up for a moderate gain, and sold near the beginning of 2010 right before a multi-year decline which destroyed what is now the daily most popular stock on Google Finance. While luck was definitely a factor, Hashim's experience with foreign currencies helped him make the crucial sell decision.