Notable Banks set to begin the Earnings Season

-By Sam B | [email protected]

Alcoa used to lead off Dow Jones earnings season and ceremonially mark the start of earnings season, but the company split its operations last November separating a car parts business from the traditional aluminum smelting business.

Notable Earnings' Watch: July 14:

the former Dow Member that was booted in 2009, reported tomorrow morning. The company raised its dividend late last month.

J.P. Morgan: Current Down Member and largest bank in the world by market capitalization also reports tomorrow.

PNC Financial: The 8th largest bank in America report.

Wells Fargo: The Third largest bank will also report.

Investors will be looking to these four banks to gauge earnings' season. The majority of the companies will report earnings the following week.

Most other banks will report next week, including Bank of America on Tuesday.

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