Salesforce is Leveraging Synergy Across all Cloud Platforms

-By Kaia Beckett, MBA | [email protected]

Salesforce (CRM) has been quietly integrating with partners and even competitors out there to provide the best services to its customers. Thus the king of the cloud, and king of customer relationship management continues to advance forward.

Apple announced last week at its WWDC conference an enterprise customer platform called Business Chat iOS 11. While this may seem like a competitive threat to Salesforce, CRM was chosen as a partner for Apple on this project. Salesforce is already heavily integrated with many of Apple's products. Sales reps can even conduct their business on the Apple Watch. Salesforce is a large proponent of the iPhone and the mobile experience of managing customers.

But CRM hasn't stopped there; just days ago they launched Lightning for Gmail which is a Gmail integration to make it seamless for a company's sales force to use Gmail when selling and conducting business with their customers.

While these seem like quiet updates, for Salesforce customers, these are much needed and useful features which will propel productivity. It's no wonder that has market cap of $63 billion, though has a 400x PE multiple. Investors continue to bet that the cloud operator will continue to gain more traction with its new integrations and excellent management of its own and its customers' sales forces.

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