Technology and Aerospace Acquisitions Heat Up

-By Kaia Beckett, MBA | [email protected]

Recently, on Aug 30th, we highlighted Orbital ATK as an interesting under the radar play on the military aerospace industry, during a time where SpaceX has been dominating commercial aerospace. The company Northrop Grumman seems to have been keen at watching how the industry was unfolding as well, and scooped the company up for $7.8 billion. This takes out another competitor from the consolidating high-tech aerospace market. Other large players including Lockheed Martin and Boeing, which have seen their stocks head steadily higher.

Furthermore, on the topic of acquisitions, on Sept 11 we highlighted a potential Google - HTC deal. The deal seems to have come to fruition, with Google picking up the HTC Pixel unit for $1.1 billion. As mentioned, HTC was having production issues with the Pixel, which is a popular and powerful Android device. Google will now have more control over the unit and the hardware, as it mimics Apple's vertically integrated strategy, which has proven quite successful for Apple. The other HTC phones and the virtual reality Vive will stay with HTC, where it can plow back the cash from Google into furthering its other hot businesses.

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