Mason Lankes

Kitchener, Waterloo | [email protected]

Mason is a skilled investor with 10 years of stock marker investing experience. He is an avid researcher who enjoys listening and participating in company conference calls. While Mason has an extremely keen attention to detail, he also openly makes suggestions to company CEOs on how to improve their business or their financials on the conference calls. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with Distinction and enjoys playing the guitar when he gets free time. A typical evening for Mason may include a trip to the shopping centre where he simply browses the latest products and gets a feel for how certain businesses are doing. These real-world observations have served Mason well in the past - he was able to successfully call a top in Apple shares back when they were at $700 pre-split, and sidestepped a $200 decline. Mason's combination of book and street smarts make him a valuable asset to the TMIO team of authors.