Legere Sticks to his Word

-By Griffin Addison | [email protected]

John Legere, the CEO of the "Un-carrier", or T-Mobile as some like to call it, has announced a plan to bring Netflix to its customers for free. T-Mobile will be paying the $9.99 that it costs to subscribe its customers to the video streaming service. The catch however is that this perk only applies to select accounts that have an unlimited plan and are in good standing.

The free Netflix may boost T-Mobile's unique unlimited bandwidth service, which starts at $120 a month. Netflix would cost the company about $120 per year - a small price to pay especially when customers who use the unlimited plan will quickly see its benefits.

Partnering with a streaming service isn't unheard of in the industry however. AT&T has a deal to stream free HBO to its customers. However AT&T is essentially paying itself through this deal since HBO's parent, Time Warner, is owned by AT&T.

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, has been very vocal about calling out its larger competitors. The whole idea of an Unlimited plan was adopted when Verizon and AT&T made their unlimited arrangements scarce. Legere also publicly criticized the AT&T - Time Warner deal, saying that people don't want to pay for services such as HBO, they want their content right now, and they don't want to pay for it. It seems Legere is putting his money where his mouth is, and is bringing customers this type of deal. The unlimited plan combined with Netflix allows T-Mobile's valued customers to do exactly this - watch their shows anywhere, anytime, and it's already been paid for.

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