Kaia Beckett, MBA

Kanata, Ontario | [email protected]

Kaia is an analyst at a local technology firm. She decided to complete her MBA in 2011, which has since opened up more doors in terms of the types of companies that she has selected to research and write about. She is artistic and has a passion for desserts, photography, and yes, Pinterest. Kaia is quite good with image editing software which has helped to propel her career into areas which she never thought she would be interested in. During her MBA, she closely studied the company Activision Blizzard and made hypothetical recommendations for the company's strategy. After realizing all of the work that went into the project and that many of her suggested strategies were in fact already being implemented by the company, she decided to pick up some shares in the actual company. She hasn't looked back since, and the firm's stock is up more than 400% since mid -2012. On a more personal level, Kaia has a love of animals, specifically dogs, which keeps her down to earth as a heart-warming person.